Cannon Beach Evening

Cannon Beach is an easy drive from Portland, Oregon, and is famous all over the USA as one of the finest beaches on the left side of the continent. So, where are the sunbathers? Where are the kids and their sand pails, the lifeguard stations, the hot dog stands? This is summer, after all.

Well, it’s not that kind of beach. Many first-time visitors to this part of the Pacific don’t realize the water is very cold, all year around. North of San Francisco it’s also very stormy, and shipwrecks are common. Waves, big waves, pummel rocky cliffs. The brave divers and surfers who venture out wrap themselves in rubber and still come out with frostbite. But on the other hand, all of those things are necessary to assemble a memorable scene of wave, rock, forest, cloud and sun like this one. This is not a sunbather’s beach, it is a photographer’s beach. (Pricing Schedule D)

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