The Old Khan, Sana’a

The souk at Old Sana’a, Yemen is a riot of colorful outdoor stalls, gregarious vendors and busy shoppers. But hidden away on a side street is a doorway leading to this magnificent old khan, an indoor trading center that goes back to the days of camel caravans crossing the brutal deserts of Arabia. Traders would leave their animals outside the city gates at the caravanserai and bring their goods in here to trade. In contrast to the chaos outside, it is quiet and cool….and a delight for the eyes.

The visual distortions in this photo come from using an ultra-wide-angle “fisheye” lens, kind of a novelty item than many photographers don’t take seriously. I agree that overuse of the fisheye is a path to irrelevance, but there are rare occasions in which it works, and this is one. (Pricing Schedule D)

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