Cycling to the Hanerik Market

Cycling to the Hanerik Market, western China

Xinjiang Province, China, is different than the rest of the country in just about any way you care to name. The only way you know you are still in China is that signs are printed in Chinese as well as Arabic script. Among its most striking features are the tall poplar trees that grow thick along the river courses as they flow down from the Kunlun and Pamir mountain ranges.  Rural roads that wind through these groves create atmospheric corridors through which all manner of life passes.

Hanerik is a small town famous for its weekly livestock market. I was on my way there and when I encountered these arching green corridors. I stopped and photographed them for a hour or two. All manner of colorful traffic passes along the road to Hanerik — motorbikes, donkey carts, truckloads of goats — but this lone cyclist was a most simple and interesting subject. (Pricing Schedule F)

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