Madison River Dawn

“Capture” is a verb many photographers use to describe what they do to get the shots, but “stalk” describes my style better. I go where I expect the good photos will be, rather than waiting for them to come to me. This involves research, planning, logistics, resources, and yes, some measure of luck. But I try to leave little to chance. Still, the image I envision sometimes eludes me, while unimagined ones take their place.

This shot is a prime example of “stalking.” I witnessed a similarly striking scene at the identical spot on the Madison River in Yellowstone two years previous, but was unable to “capture” it because I was with a large group on a rigid agenda. But I remembered it, and after two years of “stalking” — waiting on my travel schedule, companions, and the right weather conditions — I returned and got it. Not exactly the same image, of course, but close enough.

I may try again in year or two. The life of the photo stalker. (Pricing Schedule F)

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