Panorama at North Window Arch

Panorama at North Window Arch

Scene: camped along the Colorado River near Moab, Utah, gateway to Arches National Park. A faulty alarm clock got me out of my sleeping bag an hour too late to catch dawn at a different location I had planned. But I also had this location in mind, and it was closer, so I scurried around and found a spot for my tripod just in time, scrambling up a few boulders to a narrow spot on the side of a cliff. And what a surprise! The view of Turret Arch through North Window Arch was an obvious “go to” shot – but the continuous panorama to the southeast was truly mind-expanding. My compliments to the cloud arranger, they were absolutely perfect.

Funny how those things work out. (Price Schedule B)

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  1. If this works, then you did well. Maybe separate the photos by geographic region, or country in furthertofly version 2.0?

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