Botswana Sunset

The black rhinoceros is rare; only 2,500 existed at time of this photo. All live in protected areas such as wildlife reserves, national parks, and zoos around the world. They used to roam Botswana by the hundreds, but now only a dozen remain in that nation. Two out of them are at the Khama Rhino Reserve near Serowe, along with 25 or so white rhinoceros. The blacks can be hard to encounter because they favor dense brush habitats rather than open country.

I had staked out this waterhole at Khama one evening hoping one of the white rhinos might amble into the scene, when one of the blacks trundled out of the brush for a sip. What an experience as he came between me and the sun just at the moment it set! I was so captivated and focused on the viewfinder, I barely realized how close he was. I was fortunate that rhinos have terrible eyesight…one of my luckier days, in more ways than one. (Pricing Schedule A)

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