“Lesson,” “Sorica” at Springville Museum of Art

Lesson for Young Buddhist Monks

Two Further to Fly works, “Lesson” and “Sorica Village Church,” will hang at the Springville Museum of Art’s upcoming show, “32nd Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah.” The show opens October 18, 2017, and runs through January 10th. Both works are photographs.

“Lesson” depicts two young novice monks, around seven years old, reading a text together. The photograph was made by Tom Horton in 2012 at Schwe Yan Pyay monastery in Nyaungshwe, Shan State, Myanmar. A class was underway on a warm afternoon, Tom recalls, and many other novices in the room were bored and nodding off, but these two were clearly interested in the lesson.

Sorica Village Church
Sorica Village Church

Sorica is a small mountain village in Bohinj province, Slovenia. In October of 2013, Tom captured an image of the village church on the crest of its hill as the afternoon sun highlighted it against the dark forest. It is an Eastern Orthodox church dedicated to St. Nicholas, and contains important works of the impressionist painter Ivan Grohar, a native of Sorica. The mustard yellow panels of the white church pick up the afternoon sun and rivet the eye to the scene, Tom notes.

Springville Museum of Art, the first visual arts museum in Utah, has curated this multi-media exhibition annually for 32 years to “celebrate the diversity of religious experience and belief in our community. Using different media to express these ideas artists create works which will engage and inspire viewers to contemplate and reflect on the vibrant spiritual traditions we share.”

A public reception will open the exhibition at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, October 18. The museum is in Utah County, several miles south of Provo, Utah. (map)


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