Sunset on Špik, Julian Alps

Sunset on Spik, Julian Alps

It’s no surprise they’re called the Julian Alps — Julius Caesar had a summer estate here. And what a place to unwind after a smashing the Huns or dominating debate in the forum! The dramatic natural beauty blending into serene countryside is certainly a place this 21st century photographer could linger forever. Even the Slovenian people are friendly and accessible in a utopian kind of way.

Špik is not the highest peak in the range, but it is easily one of the most dramatic, especially when sunset and a lifting storm wrap it in mystic clouds and light. It looks over a valley used since ancient times as easy route between Italy, Austria and the Balkans. Not only has it witnessed the passage of endless figures of history before and after Caesar — but they have, in turn, witnessed Špik. (Pricing Schedule D)

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