How to Photograph “The Wave”

Presentation to the Summit Photography Group, May 16, 2016. Click here to view the video with narration or use the right-click/save as…. function to download it in .mp4 format (about 45 Mb).

Breaking Wave HDR med WM
Breaking Wave

What is “The Wave?”

Also known as “Coyote Buttes North,” it is a small redrock formation in the Vermillion Cliffs Nat’l  Mon., on the UT – AZ border between Kanab, UT and Page, AZ. A very popular landscape photo subject, it is accessible only on foot. There is a visitor quota requiring permits, administered by the BLM, to protect the delicate desert environment. Camping is not permitted. The climate is high desert with cold winters and hot summers, generally accessible year around depending on weather. Guide services are available, but most visitors go independently with no difficulty. This presentation discusses logistics, equipment and creative ideas for photographing this unique geologic site.