Boulders at Little Cottonwood, Utah

Little Cottonwood Boulders

When I was in college, around 1970, I would lug a 4 x 5 camera and big, ugly tripod around the mountains trying to be Ansel Adams. Not that I’m dissatisfied, but that didn’t quite work out — life intervened. But now I am back at it, and that’s what makes this photo special to me. It is nearly 50 years old, one of the few I have remaining from that camera and that era, but it is every bit the same as I remember that day. Originally it was an Ektacolor negative, and about 10 years ago I had it scanned and converted to a digital file which turned out huge — about 450 megabytes.

The fall colors in the oak leaves, the high relief of the granite boulder, the blue air — it all has a nice harmony. This spot in Little Cottonwood Canyon has many visitors, but most are not interested in the beauty — they come for the “bouldering.” Yes, around here are many large granite boulders with steep faces on which mountain climbers like to try out their risky moves. They fall only a few feet, and may get bruised but not maimed for life. I guess there is a certain beauty in that. (Price Schedule D)


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