Zion Reflection

Reflection at Zion Narrows

One of my photography objectives is to, if at all possible, avoid the obvious photographs. If they are obvious, my reasoning goes, then everybody is taking them and there is no particular need for one more photo from me. (I often take them anyway, just for the archives.)

But if you want to avoid the obvious photos, where to look for them? One of my habits is to see where everyone else is looking — and then look the other way. Zion National Park is a perfect example. Everybody is looking up at the amazing rockforms, as they should be, and snapping photos with their phones and cameras of all descriptions. So I lower my gaze, and look down at my feet. That’s exactly how I came across this wonderful reflection, and many more. I hope you will agree it is not the ordinary view of Zion National Park. (Pricing Schedule B)

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