Man Mo Temple #1

Man Mo Temple Hong Kong

Man Mo is a Daoist temple in the Soho district of Hong Kong that is both a working place of worship and a tourist stop. Locals write their prayers on red tags, purchase a spiral incense strip, hang it from the ceiling, and by the time incense has burned their wish has probably been resolved. It is a very small place, making it visual feast and, at the same time, a photographer’s nightmare. I stop in every time I am in Hong Kong, knowing it will look a bit different each day.

This shot required virtually an entire day for me to get right — first, to find the right time of day for intriguing light; second, to be very, very patient while people weaved around the small room, in and out of shots, incense burned, and smoke drifted. The style of photography I do – completely natural, in uncontrollable conditions — requires being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes that happens spontaneously, serendipitously. Most of the time, however, it requires planning and patience and I have to work very hard at it. (Price Schedule B)

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