St. Basil’s Cathedral, February

St. Basil’s Cathedral seems out of place in Red Square, next to the Kremlin, Moscow’s superlative Medieval fortress. Admittedly, with its garishly-painted towers, turrets, and domes, it seems out of place anywhere on Earth, except perhaps Barcelona. It is said to have evolved from a group of churches that sprang up around the grave of a local saint. Another story claims it was designed to resemble a bonfire, a cone of flames leaping to the sky. I’m not sure it requires explanation.

I have a secret spot from which I photograph St. Basil’s. It provides a much better view that the usual Red Square tourist snapshot that everyone brings home. I’m not telling where it is, but an enterprising photographer could probably figure it out. This strange February afternoon, with warm sun streaming low and a break in the freezing cold, It seems to fit in, if only for a short time. (Price Schedule F)

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