Mont Blanc Panorama

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe at 4809 meters, on the French-Italian border. The highest, that is, outside of Mt. Elbrus at 5642 meters in southern Russia near the Georgia border in the Caucasus range, which is still technically in Europe. And not to be confused with Jungfrau summit at 4158 meters in Switzerland, which is called the “Top of Europe” in promotional zeal but is not even close. In terms of bragging rights for highest point, it seems the war in Europe is still underway.

This panorama is taken from 75 km away near the summit of Plaine-Morte in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. The low cloud layer isolates the Mt. Blanc massif and heightens the sense of drama that this series of peaks exudes no matter how you experience it. And with this simple combination of rock, snow, and cloud, there is hardly a clue to tell you whether this is a color or black and white photo. (Price Schedule C)

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