Clouds, Komodo Sea

Komodo Sea Clouds 1

Like most, I like the tropics. But you can have your blinding white beaches, breezy palms, iridescent coral reefs and smooth rum drinks. I’ll take the drama of the clouds over all of it.

The tropical wind, heat and humidity guarantee a cloud show every day. It starts innocently enough on the horizon, soaring but distant towers that remind you how big the world is and how vulnerable you are on your shallow sand spit or your puny boat. Then they come at you, their streaming white tops leading the way and their malevolent black bottoms churning the sea itself.

Tropical clouds are the ideal black and white photo subjects. This cloud family was one of several that captivated me while crossing the Komodo Sea near Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. I photographed them all afternoon, and spent days afterward teasing out every shade of gray. (Price Schedule C)

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